domingo, agosto 16, 2009

ghost blog #10

the king is dead.
long live the king!

dead elvis & his one man grave - shake
(entrevista do dead elvis ao spooky tv show)

the cramps - elvis fucking christ!

well, i fell outta bed this mornin'
saw what the guy on tv said
the big rock awards
crowned a brand new king
it shoulda been me instead
well i'm the 500 foot woman
i run an evil big black mass
i got two brass globes, you got to admit
my animal aplomb is vast
i'm the captain of the cavalry
i'm the queen of outer space
i got a she devil orgy in the twilight zone
sheer panties of the queen anne's lace
well the devil gave us elvis
drugs, sex and rock'n'roll
greenbacks, fuzz and feedback
demonseed and banshee hole
frogs fallin' down from heaven
thunder under hell
trogglodynamite times seven
cold titty witchin' spell: yeah

2 Bitaites:

Abílio Baltazar Morais mandou o bitaite...

dead elvis e muito bom...

chica de moebius mandou o bitaite...

anda por aí uma epidemia de one man bands...

gostaria muito que alguém agendasse cá uns concertos deste senhor (e de outros, já agora;)).