terça-feira, abril 21, 2015


para ir visitar ex-ku-malha do núcleo de leiria.

(the jack shits são projecto paralelo de los saguaros)

nota: ainda não tenho a certeza que possa nem falei com o lima mas apetece-me.

segunda-feira, abril 20, 2015

não é um documentário (apenas) musical

they will have to kill us first (trailer)
In 2012, jihadists took control of northern Mali. They imposed one of the strictest interpretations of sharia law in history.  On 12 August  they banned music – radio stations destroyed, instruments burned and Mali’s musicians faced torture, even death.
Overnight, Mali’s most revered members of society – the musicians – were forced into hiding or exile where most remain even now.
This film follows Mali’s musicians as they fight to keep music alive in their country. We witness fierce battles between the army and the jihadists, capture life over borders at refugee camps where money and hope are scarce, follow perilous journeys home to war ravaged cities, and for one band, their path to international stardom. As our characters struggle in exile, they use music as their weapon against on-going violence that has left Mali ravaged.
Through personal stories we draw the audience into the human side of this ongoing conflict and ask the burning question: what does the future hold for Mali?  The film culminates with the first public concert in Timbuktu post jihadist takeover and music ban.

terça-feira, abril 14, 2015

uma pergunta gira:

é só descobrir o dia de aniversário da Cheryl usando apenas a conversa dos amigos.

terça-feira, abril 07, 2015

um teste giro

Que nova banda portuguesa tenho mesmo que ouvir?